Chapter 13

Raleigh Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legal method of restructuring your debt payments to make them more manageable. It’s sometimes called “Chapter 13 reorganization” or “reorganization bankruptcy.” Rather than pay your debts separately each month, you’ll send one monthly payment to a court-appointed trustee, who will then divide it among your creditors. 

Chapter 13 is an attractive bankruptcy option for a few reasons:

  • It is a way to discharge debt without sacrificing nonexempt property 
  • More people are eligible for Chapter 13 than the most common alternative (Chapter 7
  • People are not required to pay the entirety of all their debts

However, a downside to Chapter 13 is it’s a long and restrictive process. Your repayment plan may account for most of your disposable income, and installments continue for 3 to 6 years (depending on your circumstances). In contrast, Chapter 7 normally takes about 4 months to complete. 

At Wake Legal & Associates, our founder, Attorney Michael Hopper, can help you assess your financial situation and weigh your bankruptcy options. He’ll personally work with you to organize a comprehensive analysis of your debt, determine your bankruptcy eligibility, and help you navigate the legal process toward a resolution that’s best for your unique circumstances. 

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in North Carolina

North Carolina requires residents to complete credit counseling courses before filing bankruptcy petitions with their local courts, as well as financial management courses before a judge can discharge their debts. North Carolina also has specific rules regarding exempted property, which exclude items from being considered when calculating repayment. 

Chapter 13 Trustee

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy you’ll have a “341 meeting,” where you’ll meet with the trustee assigned to your case. Though they rarely attend, creditors are also invited to these meetings. The purpose of this meeting will be to verify your finances and confirm your repayment plan. Chapter 13 trustees typically receive a percentage of your monthly repayments, so they benefit from helping you draft a plan that you can manage for the agreed-upon duration. 

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If you’re considering filing for Chapter 13, it’s important to work with a dedicated bankruptcy attorney who is familiar with the federal and state laws that regulate the process. Missteps can cause a judge to deny your case, which will leave you responsible for your debt and may compromise your eligibility to file again. 

Wake Legal & Associates wants to help you resolve your debt as efficiently as possible. Our Raleigh Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney has been practicing since 2008. He understands the legal process and can help you avoid the mistakes that frequently cause bankruptcy cases to fail. 

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